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     Servicing: Surrey,New West, Coquitlam.

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       Roadside Assistance:

          Junk Vehicle Removal:

       Call HARRY'S at 604-444-000

       We work hard to provide high quality customer service at reasonable  rates.

       Try our roll off  flat deck truck service for your classic and collector cars.

       Call HARRY'S  604-444-000  We will be happy to send one of our experienced drivers out to help you.



Locked the keys in the car we'll get you back in quickly in most cases. We do not make new keys for you.



  HARRY'S TOWING service vehicles will provide any emergency services requiring minor mechanical adjustments on the road to enable the disabled vehicle to proceed under its own power. Remember our drivers are not mechanics but are handy with automobiles and maybe able to help you. We do not do large jobs on the road we can tow you to a mechanic shop for this type of service.



HARRY'S TOWING service vehicles are all equipped to boost batteries and can perform minor adjustments to batteries, starters, alternators, etc. on the road!




When and where ever you have a flat tire or damaged tire of any kind, we will change the flat tire with the inflated spare or deliver air to pump up the tire. Most of our service vehicles carry portable hydraulic jacks and 4-Way lug wrenches just in case yours is missing or broken. We do not have a special way to remove wheel lock nuts so if have no lock nut key we cannot help you.




HARRY'S TOWING  service vehicles will deliver an emergency supply of gas, oil, water, Propane, etc.




Call HARRY'S at 604-444-000



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